SPI Software Launches Housekeeping Connect


Miami, Florida; July 15, 2019

July 2019, Miami, FL. Timeshare Software developer, SPI Software, announces the launch of its newest innovative cloud-based application, “Housekeeping-Connect.”  This application is designed to operate on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop environments.  The new service seamlessly connects to the SPI Orange Series System to provide a fully interactive tool for managing housekeeping-related room status and tracking of housekeeper room assignments.

SPI's Housekeeping-Connect provides resort managers with a “ready to go” web-based application for mobile devices that facilitates day-to-day housekeeping processes for their occupied and vacant room inventory.  The Housekeeping-Connect application includes an automated process for management’s assignment of rooms to housekeepers.  Once assigned, each housekeeper can report on the room status using the application’s dynamic web-based user interface.  

This housekeeping application is fully integrated with the Orange Series System through the SPI “Web-Services Toolkit”.  The result is an interactive, real-time housekeeper flow of information.  The status of each housekeeper, as they go through the process of cleaning their assigned rooms, provides management with room status updates, personnel tracking and robust reporting.

“The SPI Orange Series “Housekeeping-Connect” application delivers an exciting and highly useful management tool for our base of SPI System users worldwide.  It is SPI Software’s goal to continually provide value to SPI System clients by developing innovative cloud-based services,” says Michael Del Pino, VP Development, SPI Software

About SPI Software

SPI Software provides resort developers and operators of timeshare, vacation club, and mixed-use properties with comprehensive software solutions. SPI’s flagship software product, Orange Enterprise, includes modules for marketing, sales, property management (PMS), finance, maintenance fee, and receivables servicing, centralized reservations, owner services, advanced web reporting, and website applications.