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Resort Management

Each timeshare owner or member requires resort/club access that is easy and efficient so that they can take full advantage of their investment.

The SPI Software has a complete set of reservations and front desk features, as well as a web-based owner portal to streamline efficiency and enhance the vacation experience.

In addition, the SPI Property modules incorporate features for managing owner rental to effortlessly handle transient guest, exchange and owner rentals with points, float or fixed ownership, and right to use. 


The SPI Reservations module manages every aspect relating to property reservations for owners/members, renters, and inbound exchanges.

Key Features

Create and manage all room inventory allocations

Manage owner's reservation rights and use from weeks to points including annual, biennial, and triennial

Nightly rate management for monetary and points rates

Associate housekeeping service codes to reservations

Ability to include All-Inclusive options

Maintain a complete owner/guest history

Provide group tracking and concierge services

Bulk print or email confirmation letters

Track advance deposits and other fees/payments associated to reservations

Property Management

The SPI Front Desk module powerfully manages all of the hotel type operations of the resort.

​Easily manage the on-property experience of your owners and their guests which results in improved stay satisfaction.

Key Features

Perform all Front Desk operations

Flexible, intuitive multi-folio management

Lightning-fast check-in/check-out

Credit Card pre-authorizations using Shift4

Night audit

Inhouse Communications

Housekeeping and maintenance

Secure online payments

Complete reporting

City Ledger managements including statements and receivables tracking

Email guest folio receipt

Interfaces with POS, PBX, Keycard systems

Central Reservations

The Central Reservations module tracks inventory, interfaces with accounting systems, tracks deposits, cancellations, availability exchanges, owner usage, and more.

Key Features

Control reservation inventory

Search by resort and/or room amenities

Flexible inventory (fixed, float, points, club, whole-ownership)

Rate management including Revenue Managaement using Tiers

Track reservations

Track advance deposits

Trigger charges to occur based on frequency: nightly, at check-in, at time of booking

Manage overbooking and waitlist

Manage multiple properties

Enforces contract usage rules

Exchange bulk banking

Email confirmations in bulk or for single reservation