Miami, Florida; February 14, 2018

Timeshare software developer, SPI Software, is pleased to announce their 35th anniversary of serving the timeshare industry.  In 1983, the fledgling timeshare industry was born in a marketplace seeking to provide affordable vacation ownership options to a surging baby boomer population.  As new timeshare construction projects took root, with them came an inherent need to provide system-based structure to help resort owners actively promote, sell and manage the vacation ownership units.

Enter Karl Lange, founder of System Products International (SPI). Karl is a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School graduate with extensive system-based applications development and computer experience.  For his start in timeshare, Karl was inspired by Robert “Bob” Burns, Chairman and CEO of Vacation Internationale who provided the impetus for SPI Software’s entry into timeshare.  Karl then worked closely with industry leaders to develop what would become SPI’s initial offering to the timeshare marketplace.  A bevy of software developers worked round-the-clock at SPI for approximately twelve months to create a comprehensive program that resulted in the initial SPI timeshare offering.

Of course, as the years progressed, technology, business operating methodologies and ideas changed continuously. And so, did SPI Software.  The industry today is characterized by a global marketplace of sophisticated properties that accommodate web-based activities such as Owner Portals, OTA/GDS Connectivity and Exchange Service management.  The traditional fixed week model has been adapted to marketplace needs that now accommodates market demand change in the form of float weeks and point-based program options.  Significantly, technology has evolved from the initial text-based design to powerful database driven platforms that are hosted either locally or in the cloud.  Mobile devices and web-based applications further characterize today’s technology requirement all of which have been designed into SPI’s software offerings.

“Staying ahead of the curve in an industry environment that is constantly advancing has created challenges. But with SPI’s talented staff of managers, developers, analysts and implementers, over the past 35 years, there has been a continual release of enhancements and new products that has allowed SPI to stay at the forefront of timeshare software technology.” said Karl Lange, SPI Founder and Chairman. “As we move into the future, we anticipate even more marketplace-generated needs that will continue to be delivered by SPI Software.”