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Grand Pacific Resorts

Sabrina Locke-Maston, Chief Information Officer

“We wanted a system that did 80 percent of the work for us,” she says. “What we got was a system that handles 80 percent of the heavy lifting and allows us to customize the other 20 percent that is unique to us.”

The Berkley Group

Michael Coppola, Chief Information Officer

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at SPI. We continue to be impressed with their approach, responsiveness, and proven ability to deliver under tight timelines." 

StaySky Vacation Club

Jack Chevrier, President

"I have worked with numerous software companies over the years and have found that SPI delivers on the promise."


"It is simply the best timeshare software in the marketplace."

The Christie Lodge

Vania Sarieva, Information Systems Manager

"The Front Desk Management screen has increased the speed of check-in/check-out by over 50% and Journal Management functionality provides better owner accounting with the ability to verify and correct transactions before making them permanent. Various wizards aid with processing thousands of records accurately with just a few clicks."

Oak Plantation Resort

Max Canal, Chief Operating Officer

"For the past 11 years, we have been an SPI client. What stands out the most is that they are a people company. Real people handling tasks that make our resort easier to manage. Thank you SPI for all of the help and support."

Paradise Island

Anthony Knowles, General Manager

"Joining team SPI Orange with their Owner Connect system was the single best decision that I made in my more than eight years as general manager. It is a very user-friendly product; making, or changing a reservation is a breeze, even for owners that are not computer savvy. This gives our team more time to take care of the many other demands we face in this industry."

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